How to write a blog 101

Never written a blog before? Think it’s time to start? Read on and find out a little more about how easy it is to get started.

Thinking by @boetter

Step one… have an idea

Decide what you’re going to write about.

Try keeping it to one topic without too many tangents, link to other blog posts or write another one if you have that much to say.

It doesn’t have to be an original idea, just make sure you have a new take or opinion on the topic.

Step two… find some facts

It never hurts to throw some facts or statistics into the mix, they give you a basis to form your opinions around and give weight to what you’re talking about – readers are more likely to take you seriously if you’ve done your research.

Step three… let your fingers do the talking

Throw some of your own opinions at it.

Make it interesting, add some personality to it.

Use images and videos to break up the text – not necessary but everyone loves a good [relevant] picture.

Remember: If you’re writing a business blog or are associated with a company make sure any opinions you publish aren’t going to get you in trouble or lose too many customers!

Step four… read it through

Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors – very easy to do when you’re in full flow.

Make sure you’ve used some keywords and phrases that people might search for when Googling topics related to your blog (SEO for Content Marketing).

Step five… publish!

If you’re using a blogging platform you should be able to add tags and categories – make sure they’re related to your subject and try some variations, e.g. blog, blogging, writing etc.

Once you’ve published the blog, keep an eye on comments and remember everyone is entitled to a different opinion.

Don’t forget: promoting your post on social media and other websites will drive traffic to your blog.

Not sure which blog hosting site to use?

See Mashable’s list of free blogging sites (please note this article was added in 2007 and some of the blog hosting sites may not be functioning any more, but it is still a varied list).

Too much information? Try ProTelp’s top 5 free sites.


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